Psychiatrist in Brampton at St George Medical Center Brampton

In 2014, 70 % of Canadians considered their mental health to be good or excellent. With the stresses of modern society we understand that sometimes life can be difficult to manage. Our psychiatric services are provided to help you live a happier and more fulfilling life. When you choose St George Medical Center Brampton for your psychiatric needs you will be choosing experienced psychiatric doctors who can help you get your life on the right track.

At St George Medical Center Brampton, not only do we care about your physical health but your mental health is just as important. This is why we offer a psychiatrist in Brampton that can help you with any mental issues you or your loved one are experiencing. Our psychiatrists are board certified and can help you treat your symptoms. We are available 7 days a week and open late on the weekdays so you can see our psychiatrists in the evenings. We follow all protocol and procedures, your confidentiality is never at risk with St George Medical Center Brampton. Call us today to book an appointment with our psychiatrists.

St George Medical Center Brampton Psychiatric Services

We offer psychiatric services to adults and child psychiatrist services as well. Proudly serving western Toronto suburbs including Guelph, Mississauga, Milton, Etobicoke and more. If you are experiencing any of these mental health symptoms you may want to consider making appointment with our Brampton psychiatrists. We understand the negative stigma associated with mental health, when you choose us, your information is always private.

Psychiatric Diagnosis

Our psychiatric services include performing or ordering psychological tests to properly diagnose your symptoms. After your initial appointment and testing (if necessary) our psychiatrist will meet with you to help you gain a clear picture of your mental state. Our team is properly educated, trained and licensed to help you understand your emotional health and the complexity of your mental state. We will provide you with informative guidance to help you manage your symptoms and create a better quality of life.

Treating Mental Disorders

Of course modern medicine has come a long way in the world of mental health. Our psychiatric services rely on psychotherapy, medications and psychosocial interventions. This may seem like a lot to handle but our team well make sure you fully understand what is being recommended and why. We understand the stigmas associated with mental illness, and want you to feel comfortable when talking to us about your problems. You can trust that our psychiatrists will always hold your mental health information with great confidentiality. If you trust us with your problems, we see it as an honor and will gladly do all that we can to help improve your mental state.