Our Pharmacy at St George Medical Center in Brampton

Many people ask where can I find a pharmacy near me that I can trust? At St George Medical Center Brampton, we want to offer you so much more than our pharmacy services. Our pharmacy in Brampton is located right inside of our medical center, we are open 7 days a week and until 8 pm on weeknights. We want to be your go-t0 pharmacy in Brampton by offering convenient hours, on-time prescriptions and knowledgeable pharmacist available to answer any questions you may have.

In Canada, life expectancy has risen to 82 years, thanks to our breakthroughs in medication and healthcare. See why so many rely on St George Medical Center for their pharmacy needs. We accept all drug plans and can help you find other ways to cut costs for your prescription medications. To order a prescription, schedule a refill or to speak with our pharmacist about medication, call us today.

Services Offered at Our Pharmacy in Brampton

St George Medical Center Brampton: Trusted Pharmacists & Top Care

With so many options available it can seem difficult finding a pharmacy in Brampton that you can depend on. We believe in building relationships with the people in our community and helping them reach their health goals. Our pharmacy staff is educated, well-trained and understands the importance of your medication. We know that your health is important and so is your time, our pharmacists and technicians work diligently to deliver your medication on-time, with no delays. We offer compounding services designed to make your medication easier to take. You will never feel rushed during a consultation and if you have questions about your medication you can call or stop in to ask us questions at any time.