Etobicoke Family Doctors and Walk in Clinic Open Sunday

The 2016 census cited Etobicoke to be home to nearly 130,00 people. It may be difficult to find a medical center that is accepting new patients or a walk in clinic without a lengthy wait. St George Medical Center Brampton serves as a popular option for many who are seeking medical attention in the Etobicoke area. Just a short distance from Etobicoke, St George Medical Center Brampton is happy to say that many residents of Etobicoke call us for their healthcare needs.

If you are a looking for a walk in clinic in Etobicoke, our Brampton medical center can treat you today. The following is offered at St George Medical Center Brampton for all Etobicoke residents. We also offer primary care physicians and an on-site pharmacy to limit your stops while you are sick or injured. See why so many residents of Etobicoke come to St George Medical Center for a majority of their healthcare needs.

Healthcare Services Offered for Etobicoke Residents

If you do not see what you need on this list, simply call us at any time to inquire about your medical needs. We are open 7 days a week and until 8 pm on weeknights to make ourselves available to as many people as possible.

Etobicoke Walk in Clinic Open Sunday

Our walk in clinic residents provides a wide variety of options for healthcare needs. If you are experiencing flu symptoms, or have a cold or fever we can help. We also treat minor injuries, stitches, rashes, , stitches, animal bites, allergies and much more. Visit our walk in clinic page for more information on our walk in clinic services.

Etobicoke Family Doctors and Primary Physicians

Etobicoke residents in need of a good family doctor should look no further than St George Medical Center Brampton. Our team of physicians are available to help all residents from Brampton to Etobicoke Ontario, and beyond. Having a family doctor you can trust and are comfortable with is vital. The goal of your family doctor is to be the quarterback of your healthcare team. We can help you with a majority of healthcare needs are know fine specialists in the Etobicoke area should you need one. See why so many residents of Etobicoke rely on St George Medical Center Brampton for their family doctor and primary care physician needs. If you are looking for Etobicoke family doctors or primary physicians your search stops here, call us today.

Psychiatrist in Etobicoke

11% of Canadians age 15-24 met the criteria for depression. Depression alone can lead to other physical health problems or could be a symptom for more serious mental health issues. At St George Medical Center Brampton, we understand that mental health is just as important as physical health. In fact, many physical illnesses can stem from stress and depression that goes untreated. If you are looking for a psychiatrist in Etobicoke, consider the professionals at St George Medical center for your needs. We treat a wide variety of mental health problems and can help you from start to finish.

Pediatricians in Etobicoke Accepting New Patients

If you are looking for a pediatrician you can trust, we are well equipped to meet your needs. Making the drive from Etobicoke Ontario to visit our pediatricians will be the best decision you’ve made. We have experienced pediatricians that can help monitor and assist your child’s development. Whether you need physical examinations, vaccinations, or just a check up, choose St George Medical Center as your primary pediatricians in Etobicoke.

Pharmacy On Site

Our pharmacy makes it convenient for all patients in need of medication. We offer our pharmacy services to our patients and are located in our medical center. Why waste time driving to another location to get your medication when our pharmacy will fill your prescriptions on the spot. If you have questions about medications being recommended by your doctor at our facility, you can quickly speak to a pharmacist to answer any questions you need. We are open until 8 pm on weeknights and even open on the weekends for your convenience. See why so many others in Etobicoke consider St George Medical Center Brampton for their healthcare needs.

Why St George Medical Center Brampton for Your Healthcare Professionals in Etobicoke

There are many reasons you should choose St George Medical Center for your healthcare needs. Etobicoke is a short distance to Brampton, and well worth the drive. We have experienced medical professionals across many different specialties. We want to be your one stop shop healthcare provider. We even have a pharmacy on site so you do not have to make many stops while you or your loved one is ill or injured. Also, our payment plans and late hours make being sick or injured less stressful. Call us today or stop in our walk in clinic and see why so many others in Etobicoke are proud to call St George Medical Center Brampton their go to facility for all of their healthcare needs.