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Blood Work and Blood Lab Testing in Brampton

Blood testing is a quite routine procedure for most people and it is vital to catching any major health complications. It is typically recommended to have your blood lab work done once a year with your annual health check. In some cases, people who are feeling ill will be required to go through blood work testing so your doctor can better understand what is causing your symptoms. If you are looking for blood testing in Brampton, you are in the right place. Our experienced staff can see you today to start the blood work process and give you your results in a very timely manner. In most cases blood work does not require fasting, if you were told to fast for a certain period of time by your doctor it is highly recommended you do so before coming to us.

Why Doctors Request Blood Tests

You may not feel it necessary to have blood testing done but it is quite important. The following are reasons why blood tests are necessary to assuring your health.

  • Assess how well your blood is clotting
  • Check how well or not well your medications are working
  • Find out if you have risk factors for heart disease
  • Diagnose conditions such as AIDS/HIV, Diabetes, Cancer, Anemia, and Heart Disease
  • Evaluate how well your organs are functioning
  • Find any problems that you may not be aware of

What to Do After Blood Testing

After your blood test you will be finished with your appointment. Typically the results can return to your doctor in a matter of a few days, sometimes the same day. Depending on what the test is for. It is important that you schedule a follow up appointment with your doctor to go over your results. If something is abnormal or needs to be immediately addressed you will get a contact call from our facility informing you that you need to come in and meet with your doctor. If you stay on top of your blood work and health checks there should be no major surprises during your results. Call us today or visit our walk in clinic medical center in Brampton for your blood work testing.

St George Medical Center Brampton For Your Blood Work Lab Testing

The professionals at St George Medical Center Brampton want to be your one stop for all of your healthcare service needs. Typical blood work testing is free with your annual check ups. We are available 7 days a week and open until 8 pm on week nights to make your blood work testing more convenient. Our professionals can administer your blood work testing in Brampton at our medical center and have a lab to run tests on-site. Should you need medications after your blood work testing you can visit our on-site pharmacy as well. Call us today and see why so many others choose St George Medical Center Brampton for all of their healthcare services.

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